Jake’s Business Buddies

IMG_0795Here at Jake’s Diapers we truly enjoy working with small businesses and work-at-home mom’s (wahm’s), who are also small businesses!  Small businesses are critical to our economy, and by supporting them we are helping more people. You never know, but your purchase from a small business may make it possible for a child to get swim lessons or may help a family make ends meet. Maybe it means a trip to see Grandma in a far-away place. We call this a win-win situation, because we get to help babies in need, and make a difference to small businesses as well! The following is a list of small businesses (including wahm’s) who have helped us in our mission to help the babies in need. Please check them out, and tell them Jake sent you! We truly appreciate their generosity, and the generosity of individual donors as well, who have made it possible for us to do what we do: Help babies in need, one cloth diaper at a time.

Drumroll please… we are proud to introduce (in no particular order) Jake’s Business Buddies!! Please stay tuned as we will update when we welcome new Business Buddies!

The Little Bee Co.: www.thelittlebeeco.com. The Little Bee Co. is a family run business, home of the Bee Changed Diapers. Jake’s Diapers is a Partner in Change with The Little Bee Co, and we are changing the lives of babies in need! For every cloth diaper The Little Bee sells, one is donated to an orphan in need. Our joint efforts have now made it possible that when a diaper is purchased to be donated to Jake’s Diapers, four are actually donated to babies in need! How awesome is that!  The Partner in Change program is designed to help Jake’s Diapers get diapers to babies in need as easily and cost effectively as possible. To purchase a diaper for donation, go to www.thelittlebeeco.com, type in code JAKE at checkout, and get 30% off your donation purchase {package deals do not apply}. Then, we at Jake’s Diapers match that diaper purchase; and then The Little Bee matches those two purchases, and 4 diapers are donated to babies in need! Diapers are shipped directly to Jake. If you would like to support Jake’s cause, but want a cloth diaper for your little one, the coupon code does not apply… the code is for donation only! However, you can indicate on your regular purchases in the comment field of checkout that you would like your Diaper Twins to go to Jake’s! This is another way to help Jake’s little buddies, while providing for your baby as well!

Dream Diapers:  Dream Diapers is an online store owned and operated by a wonderful work at home Mom, Deanna! Deanna & Dream Diapers donate 5% of all purchases to Jake’s Diapers! Dream Diapers sells an amazing variety of brands and products to meet all of your cloth diapering needs!   http://www.dreamdiapers.com/

Imagine Baby Products:  We are now an Advocate for Imagine Baby Products! What does that mean? It means that we have our own little online store where you can buy cloth diapers and supplies for your little one, with proceeds going to Jake’s Diapers to be used towards getting more cloth diapers for our little buddies in need! www.imaginebabyproducts.com/jakesdiapers

ZuZu Baby: Zuzu Baby is run by a work at home Mom, Laura, in South Carolina. She just started making cloth diapers, and wants to help babies in need, so she is donating 1 diaper for every 5 she sells!  https://www.facebook.com/zuzbaby

Green Baybeez, LLC: Green Baybeez is the long awaited dream of three local Mom’s in Green Bay! They are a local store specializing in cloth diapers, babywearing, and breastfeeding. These ladies are AMAZING! They are acting as a local donation collection location for us! They do not have an online store, but they can be reached by phone at (920) 339-9222. They are donating $1 for every diaper that is purchased from their store and donated to Jake’s Diapers! The store address is 109 N. Wisconsin Ave, De Pere, WI 54115.

Mom and Pop Place: The Mom and Pop Place, located at 117 W. Wisconsin Ave, Neenah, WI 54956, is another local small business stepping up to help us out! They are also acting as a donation collection location, and they also have a website, www.momandpopplace.com. 

Snappi Baby: www.snappibaby.com. This awesome company makes Snappi’s, the diaper accessory that pulls it all together.

Gen-Y Cloth Diapers and Accessories: www.gen-ydiapers.com. Gen-Y is a small business whose mission is to bring long lasting, high performing, made in the USA cloth diaper products to families whose sense of style is as demanding as their need for quality.

Rumpkinz: www.rumpkinz.com. Jeanette is the work at home Mom behind Rumpkinz. She makes her diapers in Wisconsin, and has two children.

Little Munster’s: www.facebook.com/LittleMunsterCreations. Yvonne is a work at home Mom of three in California.

Chunky Munky Fluff: www.hyenacart.com/chunkymunkyfluff . Hailing from Tennessee, Chunky Munky Fluff is another Mom-run business.

Little Boppers: www.littleboppers.com. Anne is the Mom who makes Little Boppers cloth diapers, and has four daughters.

Happy Butts Diapers: www.facebook.com/happydiapers . Rosalba is the Mom of three young daughters, and she recently started making Happy Butts cloth diapers.

Organic Caboose: www.organiccaboose.com. This is a small company based out of Oregon, and all products are American made and manufactured in the USA.

EarthLINGZ Diapers: www.facebook.com/earthLINGZ. Terra is the Minnesotan work at home Mom behind EarthLINGZ Diapers.

Yiddle Doppers Eco-Boutique: www.yiddledoppers.com. Mandie is the Mom behind Yiddle Doppers, and she makes her cloth diapers in South Carolina.

Jazzy Dan’s Diapers: www.jazzydansdiapers.etsy.com. Jasmine & Danielle are the two work at home Mom’s behind Jazzy Dan’s Diapers, and they make their diapers in California. They are currently running a promotion for us, where if you buy a diaper and mention Jake’s Diapers, they will donate one to Jake’s Diapers!


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