An Attitude of Gratitude

Tonight I thought it would be appropriate just to reflect on some things I am thankful for, and to let my mind wander and think. The course of the journey of Jake’s Diapers has been an inspiration for me, and has been a journey laid out for me with a little (ok, a lot!) of help from above. We began our diaper drive for Jake’s Diapers for Peru over two months ago, and have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support. Support comes in a variety of ways, from thoughts and prayers to the tangible cash or cloth! Any way it comes, I am grateful!  This outpouring of compassion and love has opened a new path for us, a path to help babies in need, wherever they may be. We are doing what we do so that we can share God’s love. From the family down the road, to a newly adopted baby in the next state, to an orphanage a few continents away, we are blessed to be able to help the babies in need we are called to help. The only difference between my Jake and the other babies is the situations they were born in to. When we went to Peru on our mission trip a few years ago, we shared many common grounds with the women we worked with. The only difference between them and us is where we were born. Pachacutec is a shanty town north of Lima, and extremely poverty stricken. But, those women held such joy and love in their hearts. It is not material things that make us alive, but love. And they certainly showed us love. In church, we sang the same songs we sing back here in the States, just in Spanish. A co-worker of mine said one of the most moving experiences of his life was when he went to Jerusalem. While there, they were in a church with people from around the world, and in their group four languages were spoken. They all sang the same song in their native tongues at the same time. Just imagine that. We’re all the same, but different. If that makes sense…

A few years ago, I spent some time in rural Brazil with a tribe that first encountered “outsiders” in 1954. So, by rural, I mean rural. This tribe is a hunter gatherer tribe, and is facing a challenge with food supply. Their culture has historically been a semi-nomadic culture, where they would move and hunt and gather, and repeat. In today’s modern era, they are no longer able to be nomadic by old standards, because of outside influence. As a result, in order to feed their families, they have hunted what they need but the animal population has not re-generated at the same rate. So, not enough food for the mouths to feed. The next question is, if you are a hunter, and your family is hungry, and you see a very pregnant animal, what do you do? Do you feed your family today, knowing you are limiting the ability to feed them in the future? The only difference between them and us, is we were born here, they there.

I have decided to make the choice to live simply, so that others may simply live. If I can donate of the time, talents, and treasure that have been given to me; so that I may help another human being with a hand-up, then I will. It is what we as humans are called to do, take care of one another. Every person born on this earth is here for a purpose, as God does not make mistakes. Part of my purpose on this earth is to help babies in need, one cloth diaper at a time. It is my hope and prayer that each cloth diaper will make a difference, and I know it will. I am so grateful for each and every person that is choosing to help us help those in need, because we are all in this together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. –Stephanie (aka Jake’s Mom)


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