Making a Difference

IMG_0798It is with great joy that we can announce that we’re going to be on television!!! We had the honor of being interviewed by Michelle Melby, from Fox 11 news, for the Make a Difference segment. We are set to air Thursday, July 11th! In case you can’t tell, we are EXCITED!!! We feel so blessed by this opportunity; we pray that this will encourage more help for the babies we are helping!

In case you are reading about us for the first time, here is a brief recap of who we are and what we do! Jake’s Diapers is a cloth diaper bank, devoted to helping babies in need, wherever they may be. Our inspiration came from a mission trip we (Ann & Stephanie, it was before Jake’s time!) took a few years ago to Peru. While there, we visited an orphanage in the shanty town of Pachacutec, north of Lima. Due to extremely limited resources, they were re-using disposable diapers. This was not of want, but out of need, as you use what you have available. We originally started Jake’s Diapers with the goal of supplying this orphanage with re-usable cloth diapers. Due to the outpouring of support, and a greater awareness of diaper need world-wide, we have turned a one-time event into a lifetime of events to change lives. We collect new and used cloth diapers, and match them up with babies in need, wherever they may be. We loan cloth diapers to babies in need here in the U.S., and donate cloth diapers to orphanages around the world, wherever the good Lord leads us! We have a strong faith, and feel called to help the babies in need, one cloth diaper at a time!

It is a sad truth that there are babies whose caregivers or parents have no choice but to choose between diapers, food, or shelter. In a recent study (Huggies, 2010) here in the U.S., it was stated that 1 in 3 American families struggles with diaper need. Now, imagine if you are an orphanage in a developing county… the situation becomes much more dire. We have a friend who just returned from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. She is still struggling to wrap her head around living conditions there, including babies without diapers or diapers made out of any cloth you can find. We have another friend who has a friend who adopted a little girl from the Ukraine. She was shocked and saddened when she learned that the orphanage was washing and line drying used disposable diapers. This is similar to what we saw in Peru. We have friends adopting from Africa, where they have no diapers at all, and right now they are tying on plastic bags as makeshift diapers. When you have little to nothing, you make do with what you have. How would you feel if you had to choose between food, diapers, and shelter? What would you do?

We are here to make a change, one cloth diaper at a time. We are providing modern cloth diapers, that can be easily hand or machine washed, to babies in need, wherever they may be. Cloth diapers have come a long way, modern cloth diapers don’t have pins or plastic pants. They have snaps or Velcro, and can go on a baby similar to how a disposable goes on. Quick, simple, and easy.  And easily cleaned. Imagine the impact of each cloth diaper to a baby in need.  – Stephanie (Jake’s Mom)


10 responses to “Making a Difference

  1. Could you also send me an e-mail with instructions on making cloth diapers. I was not able to get the link you gave to work from my computer. Thanks

  2. I am going to Haiti to teach moms there how to make diapers for their babies. Do you have a pattern? Thanks! Kathy

  3. Hi Phyllis!
    Yes, we have your patterns! We have received offers of help from near and far, and for local ladies we will gladly share your patterns or mail them to our far away friends who want to help! Thank you!

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