Prayers, Shares, Cash & Cloth

July 10 2013 020

Here at Jake’s Diapers, we run on prayers, shares, cash and cloth. Let us explain…

Prayers: We have a strong faith, and we are thankful that God has called us to help babies in need, wherever they may be. Prayers for Jake’s Diapers and the babies in need are greatly appreciated!

Shares: You never know when sharing our story may lead to another baby or orphanage in need; or to  someone who can give of their time, talents, or treasure.

Cash: We are run strictly on a volunteer basis, and any donations are used for supplies or shipping. We do have a few cloth diaper companies who are giving us significant discounts on supplies, so we can really make a dollar go far!!! We can take donations via cash, check, or paypal. Click here for our paypal link:

Cloth: Cloth diapers and supplies are our main focus! We also do accept donations of baby blankets, sleep sacks, clothes and pillowcases (we have a friend who turns these into pillowcase dresses & shorts!).  Have an extra suitcase you want to send on a 1 way trip? We take those too, as that’s how some of the diapers are transported to their final destination!

Here are a few great ways people can help us get cloth diapers!

Green Baybeez, LLC: Located at 109 N. Wisconsin Ave in De Pere, this store is dedicated to bringing awareness of cloth diapering, breast feeding, and baby-wearing. They have a wish list with our name on it, and they are also serving as a donation collection location! In addition, they are making a donation for every cloth diaper purchased and donated to Jake’s Diapers from Green Baybeez!!!  They can be reached at (920) 339-9222, and they are open Tue-Fri 10-5, and Saturday 10-4.

Little Bee Co.: We are also a Partner in Change with The Little Bee Co. The Little Bee Co. is home of Bee Changed Diapers, and The Little Bee Co. donates a diaper to an orphan in need for ever diaper purchased.  The Partner in Change program is designed to help Jake’s Diapers get diapers to babies in need as easily and cost effectively as possible. To purchase a diaper for donation, go to, type in code JAKE at checkout, and get 30% off your donation purchase {package deals do not apply}. Then, we at Jake’s Diapers match that diaper purchase; and then The Little Bee matches those two purchases, and 4 diapers are donated to babies in need! Diapers are shipped directly to Jake. If you would like to support Jake’s cause, but want a cloth diaper for your little one, the coupon code does not apply… the code is for donation only! However, you can indicate on your regular purchases in the comment field of checkout that you would like your Diaper Twins to go to Jake’s! This is another way to help Jake’s little buddies, while providing for your baby as well!

Donation Drives: Feeling passionate about helping babies in need? Want to get your church, business, organization, or friends involved? Then do a Cloth Diaper Donation Drive, and collect cloth diapers for the babies! Contact us at for more information!


6 responses to “Prayers, Shares, Cash & Cloth

  1. Where can blankets & clothes donations be made? Are there other baby supplies that would baby appreciated as well?
    I’ve only recently come across this page through the little bee company & I only got for friends to that site 0comment somebody else made on a cloth diaper page. It’s amazing how God works; how he can take one little action, turning it into a blessing someone else.

    • Hi! Cloth diapers and supplies (wipes, wet bags, etc) are our main focus! We will take other donations as well (blankets, clothes, etc) but cloth diapers are where we can make the biggest impact! Our mailing address is Jake’s Diapers, 1079 Day St., Greenleaf, WI 54126. We are currently working with babies in need in Peru, Haiti, the Congo, and here in the U.S. We have a few more exciting leads, so we will get cloth diapers wherever the good Lord calls us to! Some of the babies we are helping are in re-used disposables, others are in plastic bags, the need out there is very real! It is very sad, but this is such a basic need we can really help with! Thank you, and please let us know if you have any more questions! We can be reached at or on facebook at

  2. With your permission, I’d like to reboot your posts. I would like to bring as much attention to your organization. I am truly touched to my heart the things u guys are doing.

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  4. I am so excited to read about your mission and the little bees mission! I was reading up on some cloth diaper reviews because I CD my two little girls, and then I noticed someone commented about the Little Bees diapers and how they match the diapers purchased with a donation of a diaper to orphans. This is amazing and something I very much would love to be involved with/help with. I ran into your link while reading their website just now. I have shared both of your links on Pinterest and FB, but I want to do more than that if I can. What are the details on what you do??

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