Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center

Image We have been blessed with the opportunity to help provide cloth diapers for the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center. The Rescue Center is an extended care facility where severely malnourished children receive 24 hour care, and a regimented diet. There are around 75 infants and children at the Rescue Center. It is babies in need, like those at the Rescue Center, that are the reason Jake’s Diapers exist. We feel called to help the least of these, and consider it a blessing and a great way to show God’s love to those in need. Our long term goal with the Rescue Center is to be able to meet all of their cloth diapering needs. This is a grand goal, as they go through about 750 (yes, 750!) cloth diapers a day. Thus far, we have been able to send them more than 100, and we are working on a second shipment.We are confident we will get there, slowly over time, as there are other babies in need we are working to help too!


In addition to cloth diapers, the Rescue Center is in need of baby bottles (no inserts or special additions, just basic baby bottles), nipples, unexpired, unopened formula, baby wipes (cloth or disposable), baby shampoo, cloth diaper safe cream, large safety pins, and blankets. We will cheerfully send these on to Haiti to help the babies in need along with the cloth diapers we have received. We do have a few companies that we (Jake’s Diapers) are working with, that are giving us significant discounts on cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and receiving blankets; we can really make a dollar go far! Any cash donations we receive are used for supplies and transportation of supplies. Thank you for taking the time to help us help the babies in need, we are so blessed and we are making a difference!!!


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