Jesus Loves the Little Children

I am continually amazed at how the good Lord provides for us, right when we truly need it. Back in June, we had posted about a special needs girl who will be in diapers for a long, long time. Right now she’s at about 14 lbs, and we are able to provide her with a full set of 24 cloth diapers!  A lady from England happened to see the post, and she makes cloth diapers. She has the ability to make larger sized cloth diapers, especially for special needs children. The day after she sent us a note, Real Hope for Haiti posted about one of their special needs girls going to a home in Cazale. Coincidence? I think not! I wrote to Real Hope for Haiti, and Allison got back to me with the following:

Such exciting news to learn that God has touched someone’s heart to make diapers that will be perfect for our special needs girls.  They are so precious, and to love them is to love Jesus, no doubt about it.

Here’s an introduction to two of the special needs children:

Geraldine is the special needs child that was moved this past week to her new foster home.  ImageThis sweet little girl is getting stronger and bigger with each passing day.  She can lay on her tummy and scoot herself around.  She enjoys propping herself up with her arms so that she can get a good look at what is happening around her.  She will let everyone know with a bellowing cry if she isn’t happy, but is so very content to listen to music.  Geraldine is non-verbal, but can communicate through her expressions how she is feeling (like in the attached photos – she is quite happy when she is being loved on).

Christina is quite possibly the most joyful person I have ever met.  When you talk to Christina, she always,
Image ALWAYS responds with a smile.  The more you talk to her, the more excited she gets.  You can see it in her face and her body language that she has so many happy things that she’d like to say.  Despite being non-verbal, she clearly communicates those messages of, “I’m happy to see you, too!”  Like most every girl, she loves to be told she is pretty!  This girl has a ticklish tummy and enjoys attention.

We are so excited for the new chapter that these girls are entering in their lives as they move into their foster homes in Cazale.  We hope that God will fill their hearts with love and a true feeling of family as they make the transition.  Thanks for caring and supporting the work being done in Cazale in Jesus’ name!”

I feel so blessed to be able to help these babies in need, and we ask that you prayerfully consider helping us help them. There are four little girls with special needs that we would like to provide diapers for.  If you would be interested in sponsoring a diaper to help one of these girls, we would truly appreciate it. Each diaper costs $20, and we would like to be able to provide each girl with a set of 24 cloth diapers. Donations can be made to our paypal account (, and just write Special in the notes and we will put it towards cloth diapers for these lovely little ladies! 


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