Get Out of the Boat

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a Women’s Retreat at Camp Luther. Part of the weekend was spent focusing on the story of Jesus asking Peter to get out of the boat and walk on the water to meet him. It was a stormy sea, and when Peter kept his focus on Jesus, he stayed above the water. When he began to realize he was in the midst of a storm, and his focus began to fade, he began to sink, calling out to Jesus to save him. Jesus took his hand, and they walked back to the boat, walking on water. Has there ever been a time in your life when you’ve walked in faith and done something even though there were storms and risks? I can think of a few different examples, and Jake’s Diapers is a great example of walking by faith to change the lives of babies in need. This is truly a journey I am being led on, and it is quite the journey! 

Today I decided to get out of the boat again, to go investigate another ministry in our area, the Love Life Ministry. This ministry helps low income families in the Green Bay area with basic needs. My purpose in going to visit them was to learn more about them. Well… I accomplished that… and more. Here’s what happened. I work full time, and this morning woke up with the strong desire that today would be THE DAY that I finally make it up to meet Sharon, one of the ladies who runs Love Life. My heart was full of joy as my work projects fell into a nice routine that allowed me to take a break to go to Love Life during one of their distributions. Sharon was busy when I got there, and I got to meet a few other wonderful ladies while I waited. When I met her, somehow right away she asked me where I was from (a town half an hour away), and she said, you’re kidding, that’s where this lady that she was just helping was from! She literally caught that lady as she was walking up the stairs to leave. She introduced us, and here’s a short synopsis of the situation. She and I had both never been to Love Life. We live about a mile away from each other. Her house burned two weeks ago, and she is looking for resources to help get things back together for her and her children, including her oldest daughter who is 7 months pregnant. We had the most wonderful chat, and I know our paths were meant to cross for a reason. I happen to be blessed with some extra furniture that will help them. And, her daughter needs maternity clothes. Well, I have a tote box that she can borrow of clothes. And other supplies too. And, then, we got on the subject of cloth diapers. She had cloth diapered her children, and is hoping her daughter will do the same. We exchanged phone numbers, and I know we’ll see each other soon! It’s amazing what He has planned when you focus on him and get out of the boat. 


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