Making a Difference with Compelling Creations

Making a Difference with Compelling Creations

Dear Friends,
We are excited to share with you exciting news from Jake’s Diapers! It has only been six months since we started Jake’s Diapers; and set about our mission to help babies in need, one cloth diaper at a time. We have been so blessed by all that He has provided for us; and we are so thankful for each and every blessing. Over 1,000 cloth diapers have passed through our hands since April, and thus enabling us to impact the lives of over 100 babies in need. We have helped a variety of families in the U.S., ranging from adoptive families, to a homeless Mom & baby trying to get back on their feet again, and others as well. We have been able to help babies in Haiti that are recovering from extreme malnutrition; as well as to provide cloth diapers for an orphanage in Africa , where they use plastic bags, due to extremely limited resources. We are really excited about Ann’s return trip to Peru, our inspiration, in January. We have a few exciting leads we are working on, and we’ll be excited to share more details as we can. It is truly amazing how much need there is for such a basic necessity: a clean, comfortable diaper. We are so grateful for all the help, support, and prayers in helping to provide cloth diapers for babies in need, wherever they may be.
We have been exploring options to raise awareness and funds to support our work here at Jake’s Diapers. One avenue we have recently taken is that we have become a Consultant for Compelling Creations, a business that ministers to others through the medium of inspirational faith jewelry. Compelling Creations is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of customers and consultants. Through our jewelry we provide tangible cues to renew the mind and spirit daily, to lean into God, to remember a loved one, to value ourselves and others as God values us, and to help break free from obstacles that keep us from being all we can be. Each piece is handcrafted with messages that help us inspire, challenge, and uplift one another, and that spirit carries through one person to another.
We have created a separate Facebook page for our Compelling Creations business: You can find our online store at, just click on the lower right hand corner for My Story & Open Parties. We will also mail catalogs upon request, just e-mail us at and we’ll get it in the mail! We’d also be happy to discuss catalog parties, as well as Consultant opportunities to those who are interested.
Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts, for making a difference in the life of a baby in need, one cloth diaper at a time. We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers, so that we may continue upon this path that He has laid for us.
God’s Blessings!


2 responses to “Making a Difference with Compelling Creations

  1. My husband is leading a mission trip to Cajamarca Peru. In Lima we will be visiting a pastor and his wife who have a newborn and want to bring them a gift. Do they use cloth diapers in a larger city like Lima? We have used cloth diapers for all three of our children here in the states, but were not sure how it works in Peru…

    • Hi Heidi!

      Thanks for writing! People anywhere can use cloth diapers! I can’t speak for the people you will be visiting, but I would guess it may be something of interest to them. Disposable diapers are expensive, especially in Peru. The places we are working with are poverty stricken areas where they have to make the choice between diapers and food. Clothes (and diapers) are hand-washed in buckets and hung to dry. Thank you for your servant heart in helping others, I have great faith this mission trip will be such blessing for you and your family!

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