Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.



We at Jake’s Diapers are so blessed and honored to announce our next Diaper Drop, to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. The following is a guest entry from Kathy, who will be hand delivering the cloth diapers to Guatemala. 

I am so excited for this opportunity to partner up with Jake’s Diapers to provide cloth diapers to the children whose parents work at the city garbage dump in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

My name is Kathy Jacobs and I am a 21-year-old college student from Pennsylvania. When I was a sophomore, I took a semester off of school and went on a three and a half month mission trip to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. While I was there, God truly broke my heart for the people living in Puerto Barrios. Poverty was present in abundance but so was love and joy. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of them. This past summer, I led a team of young adults on a mission trip to Puerto Barrios. While we were there, we went to the city garbage dump, orphanage, special needs school, nursing home, and children’s hospital. We did anything from coloring with the kids at the hospital to building an addition to the special needs school.
One of the requests from my contacts was to bring cloth diapers for the babies at the dump. I couldn’t remember what the mothers used before for diapers, so I was anxious to see what type of diapers they had when I returned there this summer. I brought about 50 diapers with inserts when I went and divided them out among the 15 babies. When we got to the dump, I quickly realized that most of these babies simply do not wear any diapers. They have no protection, no sanitation. Since diapers were a new idea to many of the mothers, my ministry contact and I explained to the mothers how to properly use the diapers and how important they were. As I handed them out and watched the moms put them on their babies for the first time, it brought me so much joy! I was able to capture this moment with one of the moms.


Three diapers per baby are better than none, but they really do need more. I am returning to Puerto Barrios this December for my Christmas break. I hope to bring even more diapers with me this time! Thanks to Jake’s Diapers and supporters like you, this may be possible! I will keep you updated and I will be sure to share photos when I return.

We are truly thankful for all the support Jake’s Diapers has received. We ask you to keep Jake’s Diapers in your thoughts and prayers as we go about this path He has laid out for us. God’s Blessings! 


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  1. We are going to Guatemala June 1-8 on a mission trip, and am trying to find a good pattern for cloth diapers both for infants, but mostly for children and adults who are wheelchair bound – – would you have a pattern for the larger sizes? I have baby patterns… I would really appreciate info you can share with me – thanks!

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