Diaper Drops & More!

A new friend has sent us a note, and wanted to know more about our Diaper Drops. I thought there might be more who are curious, so I’ve my response below!

Hi Friend!
I thought I’d tell you a little more about the Diaper Drops we’ve completed and our next ones! We have been able to help a few families here in the U.S., with different situations.

One family has adopted their children, and we loaned them cloth diapers to help save them money, as a way of showing God’s love. The adoption process can be quite pricey.

Another local Mom & Baby we’ve helped are currently homeless and staying in a shelter, so we loaned them cloth diapers to help them save money and get back on their feet.

Another local family had their house burn down, and we loaned them cloth diapers as well. If a person was to buy disposables for their baby, it usually ends up costing around $1500 dollars, just in diapers which are then thrown away. Cloth diapers cost $300-$500 dollars for a set that will last multiple children, as well as reduce garbage in a landfill (1 baby generates 1 ton of garbage in disposables alone!).

There are other families in the U.S. we’ve helped, but the greatest number have been in developing countries.

Our first Diaper Drop was to Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center. They have about 75 babies in diapers recovering from extreme malnutrition there.They get the babies back to good health and weight, and re-unite them with their families. They also do lots of good work with educating local communities on health and nutrition. We are also working on collecting other urgent needs for them in addition to cloth diapers.

Our second Diaper Drop was to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala; to a garbage dump where 15 families live in and work at the dump. The cloth diapers we sent them are the very first diapers some of the babies have ever worn. These families are living in extreme poverty, and have to make the choice between food and diapers.

Our third Diaper Drop was to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sadly, there are some orphanages that receive very little income and really struggle to provide for the abandoned children. The orphanage we provided diapers for has been using plastic bags as diapers, once again due to extreme poverty.

Our fourth Diaper Drop is actually going on very soon, to Peru, our inspiration. We are sending cloth diapers back to the orphanage that inspired us to start Jake’s Diapers!!! One by one, we are making a difference!

Our fifth, sixth, and seventh Diaper Drops are just coming together in the planning & diaper collection stages!!! They are to Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, and Latvia!

This has truly been a path laid out for us and a complete walk of faith! Ann & I are the co-founders of Jake’s Diapers, and we both work full time and volunteer our spare time to make a difference in the lives of babies in need, one cloth diaper at a time!

We certainly appreciate help, and we take help in many ways! We run on prayers, shares, cash and cloth! If people want to help, we have many ways of utilizing whatever time, talents and/or treasure is available!Image


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