A Visit to Real Hope for Haiti



We here at Jake’s Diapers received this letter from our friend Debbie, who was recently blessed with the opportunity to visit Real Hope for Haiti. Since July of last year, we have been able to send them hundreds of cloth diapers and other urgent needs. So long as we are able, we will continue to provide Real Hope for Haiti with supplies as part of our calling to help the least of these. 


I wanted to let you know that seeing first hand the use of these diapers at RHFH was really joyful.  I remember all the urine and diarrhea that would be seeping out of diapers in the past.  It would get all over the bedding, the floor, and anywhere the children went.  The new diapers (especially with snaps and elastic legs) have REALLY reduced these incidents. I don’t even remember if I ever saw diarrhea seeping out of a diaper.
This reduces the amount of bedding that needs to be washed and the cleaning of the floor over and over.   The new diapers also make it much more enjoyable for volunteers at RHFH to hold the children on their laps for extended periods of time. 
THANKS again and if I know anyone considering using cloth diapers I will definitely recommend one of your diaper partners.  Wish they would have had such beautiful and functional diapers when my son was wearing cloth diapers 24 years ago.
Peace and blessings to you.
Volunteer, Real Hope For Haiti
Jake’s Diapers has been so blessed with so many wonderful donations, from Mom’s using cloth diapers, to Mom’s making cloth diapers, to family run cloth diaper businesses. We are so grateful to each and everyone who is helping to make a difference, one cloth diaper at a time. 

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

~ Ephesians 3:20, NLT 


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