Introducing… Chimeltenango, Guatemala Diaper Drop!


“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

~ Psalm 119:105, NLT 

The journey of Jake’s Diapers continues to amaze us and take our breath away. We are being led to expand our calling to provide modern cloth diapers to children & adults with unique needs. It is with great joy that we are able to share with you a new Diaper Drop in Guatemala! We are excited to be working with Bethel Ministries International to help those in need. 

Bethel Ministries International is run by Chris & Donna, and part of their ministry is a Wheelchair Ministry, where they provide wheelchairs to those in desperate need. This gift of mobility is a truly life changing experience for their recipients, as otherwise they are confined to cribs, beds, or chairs. Let’s pause and let that sink in. Imagine being confined to a bed, crib, or chair, dressed in rags. The house you live in is a house made of cornstalk walls with a tarp for a ceiling. These living conditions also mean that there are bedsores, and infections from not being able to be clean and dry. Now, imagine, the gift of mobility. And the gift of an ample supply of clean, comfortable, appropriately sized cloth where you need it most. 

It is through God’s grace and love that we exist to help those in need. We here at Jake’s Diapers are working hard to provide cloth diapers to those in need, one person, one diaper at a time.  In order to provide appropriately sized custom made cloth diapers, we are in need of donations of time, talents, and treasure. The gift of time & talent with sewing skills will help to make these diapers a reality for our friends in need. The gift of monetary and/or sewing supply treasure will help to purchase supplies to make these cloth diapers. A $10 donation provides materials, and a $50 donation will cover a shipment of diapers to their new home. We have been blessed by a few businesses who are willing to sell us materials and cloth diapers at a very generous discount, as part of their commitment to humanitarian relief and social responsibility. Jake’s Diapers is run entirely by a team of volunteers with a passion to make a difference. This enables us to really make a dollar go far, so that we can help more in need as we are led to them. God’s Blessings and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! ~ Team Jake

Jake’s Diapers

1079 Day St.
Greenleaf, WI 54126

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