Just One Drop

I love music! When I was younger and would visit my grandparents, my Grandpa would often be playing the piano, accordion, or harmonica. The grandchildren would be dancing, singing, or just enjoying the music. You would often find the adults tapping their toes or patting their leg with the rhythm of the music. My parents played the accordion. I love how you can hear a song many times or for the first time and it will inspire, comfort, or remind you of something. The first time that I listened to the words of “Just One Drop” by Plumb, it has such a great message. Read the words, then find the song and listen to it.

Just one drop of your love

Single ray of sun

Just one thing to change the world

It’s just you and me

Starting with a dream

and giving it all we’ve got

Only takes one drop


Please share a song with us that inspires or comforts you.


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