Super Sewing Saturday at Alleluia Lutheran Church


Jake’s Diapers

Super Sewing  Saturday!

April 26, 2014, at Alleluia Lutheran Church! 6735 Elmro Rd, Greenleaf, WI 54126

If you’d like to help Team Jake by volunteering your time, talents or treasures, we’d love to have the help! Join us on Saturday, April 26th at Alleluia Lutheran Church.   Come at 9:00 or when ever you can.  Stay as long as you are able.  We will be working on sewing, knitting and crocheting projects for Jake’s Diapers. Joining us that day will be Stephanie Bowers and Ann Hinkfuss, the founders of Jake’s Diapers.  They can answer your questions on the project.  Don’t worry if you don’t sew or craft…..we can still find work for you to do!  Or come and cheer us on!  There will be  coffee and food!  You may contact Pat, in the church office with questions (920) 532-3892.  Below is a message from Jake’s Diapers:

We have found that in addition to cloth diapers, there are other urgent needs we can help with! We will also cheerfully accept donations of anything related to sewing (fabric, PUL, elastic, gift cards to any fabric store) and match it up with someone who has the gift of time & talent with your gift of sewing treasures. 

Our urgently needed items are:

  •  Burial Gowns: Simple gowns of white or light pastel (no bright colors), open to the back with tie closure. These are needed in sizes newborn to 5 yr old. (we now have knitted and crocheted patterns for these gowns.)
  •  Cloth diapers for children and adults with special needs
  •  Crib Sheets: To fit mattresses that are 24 x 39 inches
  •  Mama cloth
  •  Blankets: Any size.
  •  Cloth Wipes: These can be a variety of sizes, 8″ x 8″ is a good size. 
  •  Pillowcase dresses
  •  Pillowcase shorts (with elastic waistbands)
  •  diaper inserts

 We have also been blessed with the ability to purchase sewing supplies at a wonderful discount, as part of a store’s commitment to humanitarian relief and social responsibility. This gift really enables us to make a dollar go far, to help purchase cloth diaper making supplies so that we can have church sewing groups and other volunteers make appropriately sized cloth diapers for children & adults with special needs. 

Another unique need we are working on is having sewers make Mama Cloth, which are re-usable feminine pads. We have been led to a need for this as well. The gift of mama cloth enables girls to continue schooling when otherwise they would not be allowed to attend. 

 Thank you all for your prayers, shares, cash and cloth! We truly appreciate the generosity and love we are being shown as we are led along this path we are called to. 

God’s Blessings!

~ Team Jake

Jake’s Diapers

1079 Day St.

Greenleaf, WI 54126




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