Sandi: A Mom on a Mission


Sandi is a Mom on a mission. She came across our blog post A Visit to Real Hope for Haiti (, and she decided to do something. Not just anything, but a BIG something… Sandi rallied many, many, cloth diapering friends… and did a HUGE donation drive to help provide cloth diapers and other basic necessities. She lives on Victoria Island in Canada, and we here at Jake’s Diapers are just in awe of how the Island community (and beyond) just kept gathering donations. And gathering donations.  And doing fundraisers to help cover shipping costs. And more gathering of donations. The final package that was shipped weighs in at around 150 lbs. That is a LOT of diapers! We are so blessed by this selfless act of kindness and generosity, and Sandi is still collecting items!

It is such a wonderful feeling to know there are such compassionate, caring people who are willing to help our little buddies in need. The babies we are assisting did not ask to be born into extreme poverty. They did not ask to be abandoned on riverbanks, in orphanages, or elsewhere.  Their caregivers did not ask to have to make the choice between food and diapers, or to re-use disposables or make diapers out of plastic bags. Sadly this is a reality, and with His help, we are working to impact change. We truly believe this calling has been placed upon our hearts to make a difference to the least of these, one cloth diaper at a time.

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary at Jake’s Diapers, and with the help of many caring Moms all around the world, we are making a difference. What started as a small idea to help 1 orphanage in Peru has blossomed in to much, much more. We have been blessed to help babies right here in our backyard in Wisconsin, and across the United States. Our global impact started in Haiti, with the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center, where they ~ 60-75 babies in diapers recovering from extreme malnutrition. Our second Diaper Drop was to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala; to a garbage dump where families live in and work at the dump. For some of these babies, the diapers we sent were the very first cloth diapers they had ever worn. Our third Diaper Drop was to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to an orphanage with limited resources, where they had been using plastic bags as diapers. Our fourth Diaper Drop was to Peru, our inspiration. For these babies, the gift of cloth diapers means no more re-used disposables. Our fifth Diaper Drop is to Papua New Guinea, where currently the babies are diapered using cloth rags fashioned into a diaper or no diaper at all. Our sixth Diaper Drop is to Chimeltenango, Guatemala, to an extremely poverty stricken area where homes are made out of corn stalks and tarps. For these babies, the cloth diapers we sent are the very first real diapers they’ve ever worn. For them, it means an increase in cleanliness & hygiene, and a reduced incidence of diaper rash and worse. Our seventh Diaper Drop is to Costa Rica, to the St. Francis Emmaus Pregnancy Center. These diapers will help with health and sanitary challenges among the rural indigenous Cabecar people, whose infant mortality rate is 40% higher than the rest of the Costa Rican population. Our eighth Diaper Drop is to an orphanage in Ecuador. Our ninth Diaper Drop is to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to an orphanage that is extremely poverty stricken, and diaper changes are allowed only twice daily due to extremely limited resources. Our 10th Diaper Drop is our Brown Diaper Drop, to an extremely sensitive poverty stricken area in a developing country.

We have recently been led to orphanages in the Philippines, and are prayerfully considering how we can best help there as well.

We have also been led to a dire need for appropriately sized cloth diapers for special needs children and adults living in extreme poverty. Lord willing, we are working to meet this need as well. We are empowering people blessed with sewing talent to help make these diapers. We are in need of sewing supplies (PUL, elastic, etc) to match with the sewing talent to make these appropriately sized cloth diapers. We have been blessed by a sewing supply company that is willing to give us an extremely generous discount, so we can really make a monetary donations go far. In addition to cloth diapers, we help with other urgent needs as we are able. Other urgent needs are onesies (nb-5T), shorts, undies, blankets, burial gowns, formula, bottles, nipples, and rash creams.

Thank you to each and everyone who is helping us along our journey here at Jake’s Diapers. We run on prayers, shares, cash and cloth; and we are thankful and in awe of where the ministry of Jake’s Diapers is taking us.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18, NIV.


Jake’s Diapers, Inc.
1079 Day St.
Greenleaf, WI 54126 

A non-profit cloth diaper bank, helping babies, children, and adults in need, wherever they may be.





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