Super Sewer Saturday

What a blessing our first Super Sewer Saturday was! The Alleluia Quilt & Yarn Guild at Alleluia Lutheran Church in Greenleaf, WI helped to host and organize this event! Image


We were blessed to have fourteen talented women gather to help make & repair cloth diapers for babies, children, and adults in need! In addition to the fourteen women, we were also blessed with little helpers and a wonderful little helper supervisor… Image

Kwik Trip made a lovely donation of food to help feed our volunteers, and we also had yummy home made goodies brought along as well! The two main projects we repairing loved cloth diapers (replacing worn velcro with snaps, and refreshing elastic), Image and making new cloth diapers, including adult sized cloth diapers for our mobility challenged friends in Guatemala! We are excited to be helping the Wheelchair ministry of Bethel Ministries by providing such a basic, desperately needed necessity. These appropriately sized adult cloth diapers will help reduce the incidence of bedsores and other associated challenges with inadequate diaper changes. We are continually in awe with the positive stories we are hearing about the impact having an adequate supply of re-usable cloth diapers is! Image

Sarah’s top notch organizing skills and setting up of stations really made for a smooth process! We are so excited by how smoothly everything went, we are eager and ready to find other sewing groups and talented women to help with Super Sewing! We have a variety of urgent needs that can be sewn, and we are seeking groups or individuals to volunteer & step up and say YES! I would LOVE to host a Super Sewer Day! We can then pick one or two items to make, and have one fun, difference making day! If this is something you are interested, please e-mail us at!


Jake’s Diapers

1079 Day St.
Greenleaf, WI 54126

A non-profit cloth diaper ministry dedicated to helping those in need, one cloth diaper at a time. 


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