Camp Luther: Where it all began


The story of Jake’s Diapers begins about four years ago, at a special place in Three Lakes, Wisconsin; Camp Luther. Camp Luther’s mission is “Building up believers in Christ for service to the Church and witness to the world.”.

The vision of Camp Luther is “Through God’s Grace, Camp Luther will be nationally recognized as a premier Christian camp, embracing the challenge to produce the finest spiritual programs emphasizing: healthy relationships, leadership skills and service in a diverse world. With an exemplary staff, quality facilities, and in the midst of God’s creation, Camp Luther will reach out to thousands of children, adults and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Ann, one of the co-founders of Jake’s Diapers, had attended Camp Luther as a summer camper, and just loves Camp. Ann introduced Stephanie (the other co-founder) to Camp. So, during the spring of 2010, Ann, Stephanie, and some wonderful friends went to Camp for a Workbee weekend. During one of the meals, Jean saw the sign. The sign said something to the effect of “Women’s Mission Trip to Peru in January”. Jean pointed the sign out to Ann & Stephanie. The conversation that then occurred between Ann & Stephanie went something like this: Stephanie: We’re going. Ann: Ok… but how.. etc. . Stephanie: We’re going. We’ll figure it out. And, they did. Lots of fundraising later (Pies for Peru, anyone?), Stephanie & Ann & 8 other women from around Wisconsin went on the Camp Luther Women’s Mission Trip to Peru. Which is where it all began.. that one visit, one day, to an orphanage in need. One small seed planted in Ann & Stephanie’s hearts to do something. And Jake’s Diapers was born. So, the journey of Jake’s Diapers (and over 500 babies impacted worldwide) goes back to Camp Luther. A beautiful place on Earth that is just full of God’s love.

Camp Luther is really excited by the work we are doing here at Jake’s Diapers.  We are working on a few REALLY REALLY EXCITING collaborations. One of these exciting collaborations is that Camp Luther has graciously volunteered to be a DONATION COLLECTION LOCATION! This means that if you are local to Three Lakes or visiting Camp for one of their many, many wonderful activities & retreats, you can drop off donations there!

You can find out more about Camp at We are so very appreciative & excited for what He has in store for us at Jake’s Diapers & Camp Luther!!


Camp Luther’s location is 1889 Koubenec Road, Three Lakes, Wisconsin.



Jake’s Diapers, Inc.

1079 Day St.
Greenleaf, WI 54126
(920) 257-7890
A non-profit cloth diaper ministry, helping those in need, wherever they may be. 




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